Journal Publications

Articles were authored by members of the HSRC Executive Management Board and its subcommittees.

 Survival After Postoperative Morbidity.pdf (150 KB)
Moonesinghe SR, Harris S, Mythen MG et al. Survival after postoperative morbidity: a longitudinal observational cohort study. Brit J Anaes. 2014; 113(6):977-84
(PDF 4)

 Development and Validation of the Surgical Outcome Risk Tool.pdf (607 KB)
Protopapa K, Simpson J, Smith N, Moonesinghe SR. Development and Validation of the Surgical Outcome Risk Tool (SORT): a novel preoperative risk stratification tool. Brit J Surg. 2014; 101: 1774-1783

 Individualised surgical outcomes.pdf (68 KB)
Moonesinghe SR. Individualised surgical outcomes: please look the other way. Postgrad Med J. 2013;89:677-678.

 Risk Stratification Tools for Predicting Morbidity and Mortality in Adult Patients.pdf (403 KB)
Moonesinghe SR, Mythen MG, Das P, Rowan KM, Grocott MPW. Risk stratification tools for predicting morbidity and mortality in adult patients undergoing major surgery: Qualitative Systematic Review. Anesthesiology. 2013;119:959-981.

 Patient Satisfaction Measures in Anaesthesia.pdf (475 KB)
Barnett SF, Alagar RK, Grocott MP, Giannaris S, Dick JR, Moonesinghe SR. Patient-satisfaction measures in anesthesia: qualitative systematic review. Anesthesiology. 2013;119:452-478.

 Health Services Research and Anaesthesia.pdf (138 KB)
Grocott MP, Galsworthy MJ, Moonesinghe SR. Health services research and anaesthesia. Anaesthesia. 2012;68:121-135.