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14th May 2018

NAP6 Report Launch

NAP6 Launch Event

Date: Monday 14/05/2018
Location: Royal Society of Medicine, London
Fee: £200 (£150 for RCoA registered trainees.
£100 for NAP6 Local Coordinators)
CPD Credits Anticipated: 5
Clinical Lead(s): Prof Nigel Harper & Prof Tim M Cook

The NAP6 Report will be launched with a full-day's educational meeting at the Royal Society of Medicine in London. NAP6 is the largest ever study of Perioperative Anaphylaxis.

The event is open to all anaesthetists and others with an interest. NAP6 Local Coordinators are especially invited to attend at a 50% discount.

The event will be opened by Baroness Ilona Findlay, Chair of the Science & Technology Committee Allergy inquiry.

Presentations will be delivered by the NAP6 Steering Panel: anaesthetists, allergists and immunologists and patient representatives.

Click here or on the link above to book your place at the event.

Topics to be covered will include:

  • Overview of findings
  • Baseline survey results
  • Activity survey results
  • Patient experiences
  • Anaphylactic events and immediate management
  • Clinical features
  • Investigation of suspected perioperative anaphylaxis
  • Fatal cases and cardiac arrests
  • NMBAs
  • Antibiotics
  • Antiseptics
  • Patent blue dye
  • Perioperative anaphylaxis in children
  • Perioperative anaphylaxis in obstetrics
  • Perioperative anaphylaxis in the independent sector

For further information, contact nap6@rcoa.ac.uk.

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