RCoA Bulletin: HSRC articles

Progress with Airway Leads
 HSRC Bulletin Article March 2015 (376 KB)

Anaesthesia and perioperative care research priorities setting partnership: an update
 HSRC Bulletin Article January 2015 (312 KB)

Patient and public involvement in clinical research
 HSRC Bulletin Article November 2014 (303 KB)

NIAA Health Services Research Centre: what next?
 HSRC Bulletin Article July 2014 (1.58 MB)

RAFT: Uniting Trainees to Undertake National Projects
 HSRC Bulletin Article May 2014 (83 KB)

Sprint National Audit Projects: SNAP-1 in 2014
 HSRC Bulletin Article November 2013 (1.46 MB)

The Anaesthesia Priority Setting Partnership (Anaesthesia PSP)
 HSRC Bulletin Article September 2013 (1.07 MB)

Use of quality indicators: a national survey of perioperative units
 HSRC Bulletin Article July 2013 (1.14 MB)

The National Emergency Laparotomy Audit (NELA)
 HSRC Bulletin Article May 2013 (1.22 MB)

Hip Fracture Anaesthesia Sprint Audit Project (Hip Fracture ASAP)
 HSRC Bulletin Article March 2013 (1.23 MB)

Outcomes quality measures used by UK anaesthetic departments
 HSRC Bulletin Article January 2013 (687 KB)

Adventures across many borders
 HSRC Bulletin Article November 2012 (624 KB)

National Emergency Laparotomy Audit contract awarded
 HSRC Bulletin Article September 2012 (597 KB)

Quality Audit and Research Coordinators (QuARCs) in local trusts
 HSRC Bulletin Article July 2012 (572 KB)

Third UK Perioperative Clinical Research Forum
 HSRC Bulletin Article May 2012 (574 KB)

News from the HSRC: March 2012
 HSRC Bulletin Article March 2012 (849 KB)

Research excellence in anaesthesia
 HSRC Bulletin Article January 2012 (867 KB)

HQIP to commission first national clinical audit of perioperative care
 HSRC Bulletin Article November 2011 (788 KB)

Quality measures in anaesthesia
 HSRC-Bulletin Article September 2011 (684 KB)

HSRC launch update
 HSRC Bulletin Article July 2011 (696 KB)

Systematic audit of perioperative care in the UK?
 HSRC Bulletin Article May 2011 (504 KB)

News from the HSRC: March 2011
 HSRC Bulletin Article March 2011.pdf (499 KB)

EuSOS: European Surgical Outcomes Study
 HSRC Bulletin Article Jan 2011.pdf (535 KB)

New from the HSRC: Nov 2010
 HSRC Bulletin Article Nov 2010.pdf (470 KB)