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10th Sep 2018

SNAP-2 Makes National Headlines

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The first peer reviewed paper from the 2nd Sprint National Anaesthesia Project: Epidemiology of Critical Care Services (SNAP-2: EPICCS) has been published in the BJA and received wide national press coverage.

The paper addresses the incidence and reasons for cancellation of inpatient surgery in the NHS.

A key finding was the cancellation of between 1 in 10 and 1 in 7 of inpatient surgeries during the week of the study in March 2017.

Lack of both critical care and general surgical beds as well as lack of operating theatre capacity was concerning.

In addition, of 14,936 patients undergoing elective, non-emergency inpatient surgery, 1,499 (10%) had previously had the same operation cancelled at least once before.

Click the links below for a selection of the SNAP-2 press coverage:

The Today Programme, BBC Radio 4

Click here to listen, SNAP-2 coverage starts at 02:07:58.

BBC News Online

"Many serious surgeries cancelled on the day, study finds".

British Medical Journal

"One in seven operations cancelled on day of surgery, study finds".

The Daily Telegraph

"Record numbers of operations cancelled at last minute thanks to A&E chaos".

The Independent

"One in seven major operations in UK cancelled on day of surgery, data shows".

The Guardian

"NHS cancels 14% of operations at last minute, research finds".

ITV News

"One in seven NHS operations 'cancelled or postponed'".

The Daily Mirror

"One in seven operations CANCELLED on day of surgery at overstretched hospitals, data shows".

The Sun

"26,000 NHS operations 'CANCELLED on the day they were due to take place this year'".

The Daily Mail

"One in seven NHS operations are cancelled on the DAY of the surgery".

Belfast Telegraph

"One in seven NHS operations 'cancelled or postponed'".

The Echo - Basildon, Southend and Canvey Island paper

"Cancelled operations in the first quarter on the rise at Basildon Hospital, while Southend Hospital's drop"

The Shropshire Star

"One in seven NHS operations 'cancelled or postponed' "

Huge congratulations and thank you to the thousands of local collaborators who worked so hard on SNAP-2 and to the SNAP-2 Fellow Dr Danny Wong, senior clinical leads Prof Ramani Moonesinghe and Dr Steve Harris, and the RCoA Research team. Further outputs from SNAP-2 will be forthcoming.

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