SNAP-2 (EpiCCS): Publications

Journal Publications

The first peer-reviewed SNAP-2 paper has been published! This is an analysis of cancellations data. See it here Well done to all the collaborators up and down the UK for your hard work. This was a huge study in 245 NHS hospitals & 14,796 patients included in this analysis!

 Wong et al. - 2018 - Cancelled operations a 7-day cohort study of planned adult inpatient surgery in 245 UK National Health Service hospitals (410 KB)

Organisational Survey
The organisational survey manuscript has been published! In this paper we discuss the availability of critical care beds for postoperative patients, and provide the latest estimates for postoperative critical care bed numbers in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. See it here. Once again this study would not have been possible without the generous effort of many collaborators. Thank you to everyone who has helped make this happen and there will be more to come from us from the data you have collected for the project!

 Wong et al. - 2019 - Postoperative critical care and high-acuity care provision in the United Kingdom, Australia, amd New Zealand.pdf (498 KB)

Other Publications


 Wong et al. - 2017 - SNAP-2 EPICCS the second Sprint National Anaesthesia Project - EPIdemiology of Critical Care after Surgery - protocol (319 KB)

Man vs machine: how good are clinicians at predicting perioperative risk?

 Wong et al. - 2018 - Man vs machine: How good are clinicians at predicting risk? (244 KB)

Poster Presentations

 AAGBI Organisational Survey poster.pdf (534 KB)

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