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Latest News

The latest SNAP-2 manuscript has been published in PLOS Medicine

The latest SNAP-2 paper has been published in PLOS Medicine: a new highly accurate risk prediction tool combining simple clinical data and clinical judgement, and is available open access from the Journal website:

Click here for more.

The second SNAP-2 manuscript has been published!

The second manuscript discusses the availability of critical care beds for postoperative patients, and provide the latest estimates for postoperative critical care bed numbers in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. To read the article click here

Once again this study would not have been possible without the generous effort of many collaborators. The individual collaborators who contributed data to this specific part of SNAP-2 will be appropriately recognised in PubMed, but this may take a little time to upload, so please be patient with us!

Organisational Survey Paper

The first SNAP-2 manuscript has been published!

The first manuscript focuses of cancellations of planned adult inpatient surgery, and all of our amazing collaborators are listed on PubMed! To read the article click here

Cancellations Paper

Thank you SNAP-2 Collaborators!

We have confirmed the names of all SNAP-2 Collaborators with local Principal Investigators. SNAP-2 was a success because of each and every one of you! click here to see more information.

SNAP-2 Archiving

We are currently doing data-linking with NHS Digital to obtain the ONS-linked mortality for all the patients who were included in the study. We kindly ask sites to delay the archival until the 1 year anniversary of the data collection: March 27th 2018

SNAP-2 Data Collection Portal CLOSING 31 July 2017

We will be closing out the SNAP-2 study database on Monday 31 July 2017.

We therefore ask all sites to please complete all their follow-ups and upload all their data before this date.

If you have any problems with this please contact us on or Tweet us @SNAP2EPICCS.

SNAP-2 running in Australia and New Zealand!

We are delighted to announce that SNAP-2 will be running in Australia from Wednesday 21 - Tuesday 27 June and in New Zealand from Tuesday 5 - Monday 7 September.

In order to have separate sites for the UK, Australia and New Zealand we need to make a slight change to the address of the SNAP2 web tool.

The new address for the UK site will be

If you enter the original address of you will simply be provided with a list of the three SNAP-2 web tools. Clicking on the link for the UK site will take you to the new address.

Any problems or queries please let us know, and good luck to all our colleagues down under!

HRA formally approves Substantial Amendment - the QOR substudy is officially removed from SNAP-2.

21 February 2017

Substantial Amendment submitted to the REC and HRA

03 February 2017

Pilot Study completed in Derriford Hospital, Plymouth and UCLH

30 January 2017

NIHR portfolio adoption confirmed

January 2017
CPMS ID: 31913
IRAS: 154486

SNAP-2 receives Public Benefit and Privacy Panel (PBPP) approval in Scotland

19 December 2016

SNAP-2 Organisational Survey goes live

6 December 2016
This survey asks questions about critical care and other enhanced care facilities for patients undergoing surgery in each hospital.

SNAP-2 receives REC approval for a Substantial Amendment

16 November 2016

SNAP-2 receives HRA approval

20 September 2016

SNAP-2 receives full CAG support

16 September 2016

SNAP-2 receives Research Ethics Committee approval

29 July 2016

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