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11th Nov 2019

SNAP3 to examine Frailty and Delirium

SNAP3 2019

SNAP3 to examine
Frailty and Delirium

The HSRC is inviting submissions from colleagues who wish to be the Chief Investigator (CI) for a 3rd National Sprint Anaesthesia Project (SNAP3) based on frailty and delirium.

Commissioning Brief

Please click the link below for the SNAP3 Commissioning Brief:
 SNAP3 Commissioning Brief (334 KB)

Chief Investigator Criteria

The successful candidate will be selected on the basis of their credibility to lead SNAP3, including clarity of ideas for the research questions and methods, ability to work in a high-pressure environment (coordinating over 250 hospitals can be stressful!) and perhaps most importantly, their ability to work with, supervise and mentor the trainee lead who will be appointed subsequently.


The candidate will be able to claim 1PA salary backfill, and will be supported by a trainee who will work at least 75% WTE on the project, and the RCoA/HSRC team who provide administrative, academic and project management support.

Submission Requirements and Deadline

Please provide an application in the format specified in the Commissioning Brief, plus a 2-page CV and a letter of support from your Clinical Director or equivalent line manager; this should include that they would be prepared to accommodate the time required to deliver this project within your job plan (acknowledging the 1PA contribution from RCoA).

Applications should be submitted as Word documents to hsrc@rcoa.ac.uk by 5pm on Friday 7 February 2020.

Topic Selection

Over 50 nominations were submitted for topics for SNAP3. Three topics were shortlisted, each of which was proposed by 3 individuals or groups who had submitted their ideas. The decision-making panel included representatives of the RCoA Council, the HSRC Board, the Research and Audit Federation of Trainees, the two previous SNAP trainee leads and a lay person.

The shortlisted topics were frailty, delirium and the long-term use of strong painkillers (including opioids) after surgery. The panel had a fascinating day hearing the different proposals, which reassuringly all had representation from trainees and colleagues from other specialties and disciplines as well as anaesthetists. It was decided that both frailty and delirium presented huge opportunities for pragmatic, large scale SNAP-style research, which could potentially be evaluated together in a single well-designed project.

DEADLINE: 5pm on Friday 7 February 2020

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