Executive Management Board



Prof Ramani Moonesinghe

HSRC Director: April 2016 - present

Ramani Moonesinghe

Ramani is Professor of Perioperative Medicine, Head of the Centre of Perioperative Medicine and Head of the Department of Targeted Intervention within the Division of Surgery and Interventional Science at UCL. She is an honorary Consultant Anaesthetist at UCL Hospitals, where she was previously also a consultant in critical care medicine (2009-2018). She is Director of the NIHR funded UCL/UCLH Surgical Outcomes Research Centre and was previously a Faculty Tutor in Intensive Care Medicine and a Trust Clinical Lead for Organ Donation at UCLH. She has been a Board Member of the National Institute for Academic Anaesthesia (NIAA) since 2009 and was the NIAA's academic training advisor between 2012 and 2016; she was also the academic Training Programme Director for the London Academy of Anaesthesia for 5 years. Ramani was a Council Member of the Royal College of Anaesthetists between 2008 and 2012. She was the local NIHR clinical research network lead for Anaesthesia, Perioperative Medicine and Pain in North Thames (2015-2017) and remains on the NIHR's national specialty group representing the HSRC. In 2016, she was appointed as Associate National Clinical Director for Elective Care at NHS England; she is also a member of the RCoA's Perioperative Medicine Leadership team.

Ramani's academic interest is Health Services and Improvement Research in perioperative medicine, in particular, risk stratification and outcome measurement with a view to improving the quality of care for patients undergoing major surgery. In 2015, she was awarded a senior postdoctoral fellowship in Improvement Science by the Health Foundation and through that established the RCoA / HSRC national Perioperative Quality Improvement Programme which measures and improves morbidity and patient reported outcome after major non-cardiac surgery in adults. For the HSRC she also leads SNAPs 1 and 2, the Children's Acute Surgical Abdomen Programme, the Perioperative Improvement Research Laboratory and the Global Health Strategy. She is also a member of the NELA project team.

Ramani is married to (the very patient) Ed, an inventor, and has two (very active) adopted sons, Zack and James. She lives in the Sussex countryside surrounded by sheep.

Declarations of Interest

  • 2016-present: Associate National Clinical Director for Elective Care, NHS England
  • 2014-17: Editorial Board, Postgraduate Medical Journal (BMJ Publishing Group)
  • 2016-present: Associate Editor, Perioperative Medicine Journal (Biomed Central)
  • 2014-present: Co-Director, Elegant Design and Solutions Ltd. (EDaS) - a design consultancy supporting humanitarian innovation and development
  • 2015-present: Co-Director, Bloomsbury Innovation Group (BIG) - a community interest company which supports developing sustainable medical technology at lowest possible cost to the healthcare system
  • 2016-present: Co-Director, Evidence Based Peri-Operative Medicine (EBPOM) - a community interest company which aims to improve the outcome of patients undergoing surgery through research and education.
  • 2012-present: Co-Chair, UCL Centre for Anaesthesia's annual conference in Dingle, Ireland, which receives unrestricted industry sponsorship negotiated annually

Grant funding received from

  • National Institute for Academic Anaesthesia (AAGBI, APAGBI project grants)
  • The Health Foundation
  • National Institute for Health Research (NIHR): Biomedical Research Centre's funding scheme via UCLH; Research for Patient Benefit programme; Health Services and Delivery Research Programme

Deputy Chair

Prof Iain Moppett

HSRC Deputy Director: April 2016 - present

Iain Moppett Picture

Iain is an Associate Professor and Honorary Consultant Anaesthetist at the University of Nottingham and Nottingham University Hospitals.

He has served on the Editorial Board of the British Journal of Anaesthesia since 2010. He has been the BJA Grants Officer and a member of the NIAA Research Council since 2011. He has previously been College Tutor at Queen's Medical Centre, and is the Training Programme Director for Academic Anaesthesia in Nottingham.

Iain's primary academic interests are in improving outcomes for older patients undergoing surgery and in perioperative patient safety. This work has previously focused on risk stratification, impact of perioperative care process and clinical trials in hip fracture, and more recently has been investigating delirium and post-operative cognition. His safety work encompasses ergonomics of anaesthetic practice and the risks associated with surgical Never Events.

Iain is a member of the NICE Quality Standards group for hip fracture and a regular member of the British Orthopaedic Association Hip Fracture peer review team. He has also provided external reviews of Never Event investigations to regional hospitals.

Iain is married to Sarah, a divisional nurse in Nottingham and is kept busy with two daughters, music and running.

Declarations of Interest

  • 2010-present: Editorial Board, British Journal of Anaesthesia
  • 2011-present: Grants Officer, British Journal of Anaesthesia
  • 2005-2016: Editorial board and author, Eidohealthcare. A company providing information for patient consent

Grant funding received from

  • British Journal of Anaesthesia via National Institute for Academic Anaesthesia
  • Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland via National Institute for Academic Anaesthesia
  • Difficult Airway Society via National Institute for Academic Anaesthesia
  • Sir Jules Thorn Foundation
  • NIHR Research for Patient Benefit program


  • Ms Cristel Araujo Dos Santos - Data Analyst, RCoA
  • Dr Richard Armstrong - HSRC NAP7 Fellow
  • Dr James Bedford - HSRC PQIP Fellow
  • Dr Michael Berry - HSRC NELA Fellow
  • Dr Oliver Boney - COMPAC
    Olly Boney

  • Dr Maria Chereshneva - HSRC QI Fellow
  • Prof Tim Cook - Director of National Audit Projects (NAPs)
    Tim Cook Photo

  • Ms Laura Cortés - Audit and HSRC Coordinator, RCoA and Committee Secretary
    Cortés, Laura

  • Dr Annemarie Docherty - NIAA Trainee Representative
  • Ms Jenny Dorey - RCoA Lay Committee
  • Ms Sharon Drake - RCoA Director of Education & Research
    Sharon Drake

  • Dr Helen Ellicott - HSRC PQIP Fellow
  • Mr James Goodwin - RCoA Head of Research
    Goodwin, James

  • Prof Mike Grocott - NIHR Specialty Lead for Anaesthesia
    Mike Grocott

  • Prof Judith Hall - RCoA Council
  • Dr Sarah Hare - National Clinical Lead, NELA
  • Dr Carolyn Johnston - Chair, HSRC Quality Improvement Working Group

  • Dr Andrew Kane - HSRC NAP7 Fellow
  • Dr Justin Kua - HSRC Obstetrics Fellow
    Kua, Justin 2

    Justin ('JK') Kua is an anaesthetic registrar with a special interest in obstetric anaesthesia. He is currently involved with NOAHs ARC 1 (investigating the impact of neuraxial anaesthetic failure in obstetric surgery) and is also the Project Lead for CAESARV (investigating variation in anaesthetic practice for emergency caesarean sections). In his spare time, he loves bouldering, coffee & cake and making #memes.

  • Dr Emira Kursumovic - HSRC NAP7 Fellow
    Kursumovic, Emira

    "I am an anaesthetic registrar from the East of England deanery. I am involved in the core NAP7 project and will also be working on a spin-off study. I enjoy skiing, swimming and hiking!"

Twitter handle: @emirakur

  • Mr Jose Lourtie - Clinical Audit Manager, RCoA
    Lourtie, Jose

  • Dr Matthew Luney - HSRC Data Science Fellow
    Luney, Matthew

    Matthew is an anaesthetic trainee with research interests in risk modelling and perioperative patient outcomes. He is currently working on the Cerebrovascular accident and Acute coronary syndrome and Perioperative Outcomes (CAPO) study at the University of Nottingham under the supervision of Prof. Moppett. His clinical interests are in anaesthesia for the critically ill and works at Queen's Medical Centre, Nottingham, having previously been training in Oxford.

Twitter handle: @mattluney

  • Dr Peter Martin - HSRC Statistician
    Martin, Peter

    Peter Martin is Lecturer for Applied Statistics at the Department of Applied Health Research at University College London. Within the Royal College of Anaesthetists, he acts as the HSRC statistician and supports the data analysis for NELA and PQIP. His other interests include mental health and psychotherapy research.

  • Dr Dave Murray - National Emergency Laparotomy Audit Chair
    Dave Murray

  • Dr Reema Nandi - Association of Paediatric Anaesthetists
  • Dr Andrew Owen - NIAA Trainee Representative
  • Prof Jaideep Pandit - RCoA Council
  • Dr Balwant Patel - RCoA Lay Committee
  • Dr Reshma Patel - HSRC Obstetrics Fellow
    Patel, Reshma

    "I'm Reshma Patel, I'm an HSRC fellow. My project is within Obstetric Anaesthesia and specifically looking at the incidence and impact of regional anaesthetic failure in Obstetric Surgery."

  • Dr Felicity Plaat - Obstetric Anaesthetists Association
    Felicity Plaat

  • Dr Cyrus Razavi - HSRC Paediatrics Fellow
  • Dr Arun Sahni - HSRC PQIP Fellow
    Sahni, Arun

    Arun has been a HSRC PQIP fellow since 2017 and has now returned to training as an Anaesthetic trainee with Barts and the London School of anaesthesia. His research interests are patient reported outcome measures and their changes after major surgery.

Twitter handle: @DrArunSahni

  • Dr Katie Samuel - RAFT Chair
  • Dr Georgina Singleton - HSRC PQIP Fellow
    Singleton, Georgina

    Georgina is an anaesthetics registrar in the East of England deanery. She has a special interest in perioperative medicine and she is undertaking a fellowship at the HSRC working with the PQIP team.

  • Dr Amaki Sogbodjor - HSRC Paediatrics Fellow
    Sogbodjor, Amaki

    Amaki Sogbodjor is an HSRC fellow with an interest in paediatric perioperative medicine. She is currently the trainee lead for the Children's Acute Surgical Abdomen Programme (CASAP) and is also an anaesthetic registrar with the Imperial School of Anaesthesia.

  • Dr LJ Spurling - HSRC NELA Fellow
  • Dr Emma Stevens - HSRC NELA Fellow
  • Dr Cecilia Vindrola - HSRC Social Scientist
    Vindrola, Cecilia

    Cecilia Vindrola is a medical anthropologist interested in applied health research. She works as a Senior Research Fellow in the Department of Applied Health Research, UCL and Social Scientist at the NIAA Health Services Research Centre (HSRC), Royal College of Anaesthetists (RCoA). She co-directs the Rapid Research, Evaluation and Appraisal Lab (RREAL) and leads the training programme for the Qualitative Health Research Network (QHRN).

Twitter handle: @CeciliaVindrola

  • Dr Duncan Wagstaff - HSRC PQIP Fellow
  • Dr Samantha Warnakulasuriya - HSRC PQIP Fellow
  • Ms Karen Williams - Audit and HSRC Administrator, RCoA
    Williams, Karen

  • Dr Matthew Wilson - Obstetric Anaesthetists Association
  • Dr Danny Wong - HSRC SNAP-2 Fellow
  • Dr Joyce Yeung - Chair, PCPIE
    Yeung, Joyce

    Joyce Yeung is Associate Clinical Professor of Anaesthesia and Critical Care Medicine at the University of Warwick. Clinically she holds appointments as a Consultant in Critical Care Medicine at University Hospital Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust. Dr Joyce Yeung is Deputy Director of UK Perioperative Medicine Clinical Trials Network and Chair of Patient Care Public Involvement and Engagement Group at Health Service Research Centre, National Institute of Academic Anaesthesia. She is joint Clinical Speciality Lead for Anaesthesia (West Midlands CRN).

Twitter handle @yeungjoyce