NIAA Research Grants: 2020 Round 1

How to apply for NIAA Funding
Instructions, guidance and FAQs are available here.

Patient and Public Involvement in Research
All NIAA grant applications are reviewed by a lay member of the grant panel and this review does have some input into the outcome of applications.

As Patient & Public Involvement in Research is increasingly becoming a mandatory part of major grant applications, the NIAA's Health Services Research Centre (NIAA HSRC) has formed a Patient, Carer & Public Involvement & Engagement (PCPIE) Group to ensure that researchers can easily access informed and constructive feedback on their proposals. If you don't have any input from a lay person, you may wish to apply for support from this group. Click here to find out more about how the PCPIE Group can help you.

NIAA Research Grants 2020 Round 1

The application deadline for 2020 Round 1 is noon, Friday 24 April 2020

Decisions will be made and notified to applicants following the Grant Committee meeting in June 2020

Future deadline dates will be listed below once confirmed. Please note that participating funders for future rounds are not yet confirmed. Details of the funding available in each round will be updated below once the round is open.

NIAA Research Grants 2020 Round 2
Application deadline: Friday 25 September 2020
Applicants will be notified following the Grant Committee meeting in December 2020

Dates for grant rounds in 2021 will be announced once they are confirmed.

Funding available in NIAA Research Grants 2020 Round 1


ACTACC/VASGBI/BJA/RCoA Joint Research Grant 2020

More details>>



BJA/RCoA/ANZCA Collaborative Research Grant

More details>>

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If you are an existing BJA/RCoA grant holder and would like to request a no-cost extension please click here.

BJA/RCoA Project Grant

More details>>


DAS Project Grant & Small Grant

More details>>


NACCS Project Grant

More details>>


OAA Large Project Grant & Medium Project Grant

More details>>


RA-UK Project Grant

More details>>


VASGBI Trainee Research Development Grant

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