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24th Mar 2014

National Vascular Registry - how to participate


The Vascular Anaesthesia Society of Great Britain & Ireland (VASGBI) has been closely involved in the establishment of the National Vascular Registry (NVR) which has evolved from the National Vascular Database.

The Registry went live on 10 December 2013 and is collecting data on:

  • The repair of abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA)
  • Carotid endarterectomy
  • Lower limb angioplasty/stenting
  • Lower limb bypass and lower limb amputation

The data will be used to monitor outcomes from vascular surgery across the UK and allow for comparative audit. Data are risk adjusted and it is hoped that summary of activity and outcomes can form part of individual consultant appraisal and Revalidation. Anaesthetists have an important role to play in data collation.

A number of anaesthetic fields appear on the NVR, including information on preoperative testing assessment, type of anaesthesia and immediate post-operative outcomes.

The name of the lead anaesthetist is a mandatory field and whilst this information can be entered by the surgeon, the VASGBI would encourage all vascular anaesthetists to register for access to the NVR and to review their own data. It is expected that all vascular surgeons will submit their data to the Registry.

Colleagues who had access to the National Vascular Database will have been sent login details for the NVR. If you do not have access please contact the Registry administrators on 0207 869 6621 or by email at: nvr@rcseng.ac.uk.

Click here to visit the NVR website.

Click here for useful information to help you get started.

NB: You can only access the NVR website via a NHS PC. Unfortunately you cannot log in from outside of an NHS server.

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