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29th Oct 2013

Nov 2013 Survey: National Trainee Survey on Research

This survey is the first monthly survey which will be distributed via the QuARC network.

National Trainee Survey on Research during UK Anaesthesia Training,
West Midlands Trainee Research in Anaesthesia and Intensive care Network (WM TRAIN) group

On behalf of National Institute of Academic Anaesthesia Health Service Research Centre (NIAA HSRC) and West Midlands Trainee Research in Anaesthesia and Intensive care Network (WM-TRAIN), we would like to ask for your help in distributing this national trainee survey.

Over the past decade, there has been increasing concern over the decline of academic anaesthesia in the UK with dwindling numbers of academic departments, trainees undertaking research and reduction in successful grant funding. In 2005, a report by Professor Pandit identified multiple factors including modern medical training in anaesthesia, restructuring of university funding and excessive procedures to obtain bureaucratic approval for research.

The National Institute of Academic Anaesthesia (NIAA) was established in 2008 to improve the profile of UK academic anaesthesia and facilitate research opportunities and training. Its formation has consolidated funding resources and so far funded more than £7million in research grants and £2million in awards. The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) has also created research training posts in anaesthesia and critical care as part of Integrated Academic Training Pathways to make research training more accessible to trainees in the specialty. However little is known about attitudes towards research participation and training of anaesthetic trainees in the UK.

A national survey of trainees will explore current research participation by trainees, accessibility of research training and attitudes towards establishing a national trainee network aimed to facilitate research training and participation. Results will be analysed and compared to a previous survey in 2009 to assess any changes in trainees' perception that may have been brought on by the national strategy. In order to maximise response rate and engage trainees, we would like to enlist your support for distribution. Please encourage all the trainees working as junior doctors (anaesthesia and critical care) in your department to take part. The results of the survey are important in shaping the future of research training in anaesthesia.

The proposed survey should take no longer than 5 minutes to complete. Thank you very much for your assistance.

Aims of the survey:

  • Identify whether anaesthetic trainees are interested in research.
  • Establish how much research training are trainees receiving?
  • For those who have participated in research whether experience was up to their expectations.
  • Measure trainee research activities - research posts, higher degrees, publications, presentations.

Deadline for participation is 11/11/2013
Survey link: click here

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